Product Overview

The products of KLS Motorsport originated from the field of motorsports. In the meantime many other industries are taking advantage of our superior heating technology, see belows section special productions.

KLS tyrewarmers for motorcycles

Since 1989 we develop and manufacture KLS tyrewarmers for motorcycle racing and have earned the best reputation in terms of quality and service. Ask KLS users about their experience!

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KLS tyreblankets for race cars

7 of 10 Formula 1 teams and all DTM teams rely on tyreblankets made by KLS. In addition, many private racers use our technology for their success.

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  • KLS quickshifter for motorcycles and racing cars *

Ultra quick shifting, gearbox saving, easy to adjust and universal. With these keywords our “MQS” series can briefly be described.

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Special custom productions

Do you need heating for your application? We develop the solution! Whether HD Skycams, pipe heaters, medical technology, outer shells for ski boots, pressure rollers, barrels, containers, hydraulic cylinders, shock absorbers or entire floors, we make it warm!

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