Quickshifter for motorcycles and racing cars


The overwhelming majority of our customers cannot imagine any longer to drive without semi-automatic shift, i. e. upshift without throttling and clutching. Why it is like that you may read on the next register card.
The functional principle of a semi-automatic quickshifters may in essential be described like that:
In a sequential gear, moving the shift lever to upshift is automatically (!) connected to throttling (= engine power). This enables a completely ‘powerless’ gearshift without throttling and clutching. As soon as the gear has been shifted, the load (= engine) is automatically turned on again.

This may sound simple. But in reality, a flawless shift kill takes some effort.
In the early 90s we began to develop quickshifters. Our MQS models have since gained countless successes in the racing sports.
Before purchasing a quickshifter you should in detail get informed about the device. On our pages you also will find the answer to Why KLS? may offer you a highly professional solution.