KLS tyrewarmers for motorcycles

In 1989 we began to supply the top teams of the motorcycle and car racing business. Much more than 10.000 sold KLS tyrewarmers should tell you something.


Our tyrewarmers comp und pro-X use a unique, patented carbon-fibre heating technology. This technology heats tyres and rims not only fast but also extremely even. So-called ‘hot spots’, i. e. hazardous local overheating known from other products, are excluded.
In the recent 15 years, most of the motorcycle champions relied on KLS tyrewarmers (10 Superbike and 28 MotoGPs!). As well countless national and international motorcycle races were won with tyres that were heated by KLS; but also car-racing sports such as DTM and several Formula 1 top teams profit from the unique benefits of KLS tyrewarmers.

5 reasons why sports racers should use tyrewarmers:

  • The ‘warming up’ of a cold tyre wastes too much time!
  • Good tyrewarmers warm tyres and rims within a reasonable time (< 40 min) and generate an even temperature level with consistent adhesion, attenuation, suspension, and slippage.
  • Tyrewarmers reduce the risk of fall because of cold tyres!
  • Achievable lap time may be significantly improved
  • Initially, a cold, i. e. stiff tire predominantly churns on its surface. Within the first few laps, this causes rapid solidification of the rubber surface by overheating (shimmering blueish!) and later-on a higher wear from surface tearing! Reduced grip and high hazard of falling during the entire remaining part of the race is the most undesirable result!